Hi, I’m Fay and I started A Frenchie Connection to do exactly that:  To Connect People with Frenchies.  I have always loved breeding beautiful, healthy, wanted animals.  Time and time again I heard horror stories of people buying Frenchies and ending up with sick dogs that could hardly breathe.  I looked into the breed and was certain that with my knowledge and experience I would be able to breed healthy Frenchies that would make exceptional pets.

I will share with you a little of my history: Some 50 years ago, (that’s scary) when I was 9, I had a horse. One day my Mum said I had to start paying for his feed. I looked for ways to make money and realized I could get 60 cents for baby mice. So I started breeding mice.  A few months into it I found that I could double my profits if I breed pied balls. So I put a Brown mouse with a White mouse….but to no avail.  So off to the library I went (No Google back then) to study DNA.  That was it; I was hooked.  Not just on DNA but on the whole miracle of it all. There is nothing more rewarding then helping little souls find their way into the world. After that, there was no stopping me.  I loved breeding.  Breeding lead to training and before I knew it I was fully immersed in the Dog World. More in the training side; I trained and competed in Protection, Obedience, Tracking , Hunting and Herding and took what I learnt back to the Whelping box. Learning to understand what makes them tick helped me breed dogs that were useful and wanted. I have always believed that it is important to breed a dog to the Standard but the Standard only dictates how the dog should look. What is far more important is to breed a dog that people want; and what they want is a healthy, happy dog that is well socialized, easy to train, safe with children has a balanced nature and is easy to live with. I often laugh when people ask me for the PET PRICE. Really. If I breed a show dog all I have to do is get the conformation right. If I breed a pet not only do I have to get the conformation right, I have to get the dogs nature, health, personality, courage and self confidence right and the list goes on. I think you would agree a far harder job but far more rewarding.

Dogs weren’t the only animal I had an interest in I also breed and trained Friesian Horses.  Doing Liberty work and trick training opened my eyes to a whole different world of communicating with animals. I started writing a book and it was suggested that I should do my PhD on the subject.

I met my first Frenchie and the same day that I met my first Friesian. I went to look at a Friesian filly that was for sale and they were also breeding Frenchies. My fate was sealed. I am often asked “Why would you spend so much money on a Frenchie when there are so many other breeds of dogs out there that are so cheap? ” If you have to ask me this – then you have never met one.  Most dogs are bred to do something useful; there are dogs that guard or hunt or chase sheep and then there’s Frenchies.  They do none of that, what they will do is make you laugh.  That’s all, Laugh.  But what’s in a laugh.  Research has shown that Stress is one of the biggest killers in our society. If you ask a doctor they will tell you that laughing will cure all sorts of ails and if you talk to a psychiatrist and they will tell you that laughing is the best way to stay sane.  When you look at it that way Frenchies are worth every cent. 

When it comes to breeding the pups, I breed a type of dog that I would want as my best friend. Not so much a show dog that is too short to scratch itself or with a nose so short it pants while sitting in air conditioning or with legs so short that their spine twists. But a beautiful dog that maintains all of the gorgeous features of a Frenchie but one that can breath and run and jump and play. A dog that can scratch his own butt. I always breed to keep the standard but NOT at the cost of health. It’s a fine balance and it is not that cut and dry. We don’t have a crystal ball but I can promise you that with us every puppy has the very best start he can get.

I’ve met lots of people who would love a Frenchie and would give them a loving home, but they found the initial cost prohibitive. I realized that if I wanted to Connect these people with Frenchies, I would need to come up with a way to make my puppies more affordable to them.  So instead of people having to come up with the full price before they take the pup I allow approved people to put down a deposit and pay the pup off over 12 or 24 months.  For more information please see A Frenchie Connection Payment Plan.

I also run a Guardian Breeding Program where I breed the girl and pay you for every litter. This is another way to help reduce the cost of the pup.  For more information please see A Frenchie Connection Guardian Breeding Program.