What is the Guardian Breeding Program?

From time to time, when we have a litter of puppies, we look for responsible families who will home our breeding dogs.   Whilst the information below is most relevant to female dogs, we do on occasion keep males for our breeding program and do look for families who would be interested in a male dog.  

Basically, this means that you will have an opportunity to buy a puppy that is exceptional, one that would normally not be available to the general public.  Obviously it will be a puppy or our choosing.  How it works is that you buy her like you would do normally but you will be compensated for every litter that we breed from her.  See the details below but it means you could end up with an amazing dog for free.

Why do we have a Guardian Breeding Program?

We looked for a way to breed puppies without sacrificing the mum’s right to a loving home.  This way she is placed in her forever home from a puppy and also has the wonderful experience of motherhood.  This is our way of stopping Puppy Mills and Back Yard Breeding. 

This is a win/win for the mums and pups.  It’s a win/win for you and for us.

We only do this with the dogs that are carrying the genetics that we want to breed on.  If we just sell the dog to a Pet Only home and sterilize her without getting puppies from her, those wonderful genes that have taken generations to develop are lost to the Frenchie Gene Pool forever.

What are the benefits of the Guardian Breeding Program?

  • To you:  French Bulldogs are expensive.   This is a way of getting a well bred pup with the opportunity of getting some, if not all, of your money back. Breeding is a very rewarding experience but it should not be done by amateurs.  It may look easy but there is a lot of experience required to get it right and the cost of getting it wrong is born by the little puppies that are bought or failed to be bought into the world.  This way you can have as much, or as little involvement as you want knowing that your girl is in very capable hands.
  • To A Frenchie Connection:  I have dogs out there that I can breed with but don’t have to house.  There really is a limit to the amount of dogs we can have at home without having to kennel them.  I don’t think long term kenneling, even if it is for only a few years, is good for the dogs.  So this allows me to continue improving my gene pool.
  • To the dogs:  They get to go to their forever home and settle in there from a puppy.  Frenchies, in particular, form very close bonds with their humans.  The thought of having to make them leave the only home that they have ever known, all their friends and family, after years of loving, fighting and living together breaks my heart.  So this is a fantastic program for them.    

How much will you get paid?

It will be by agreement but generally it is a quarter of the price you paid for her.

An example would be if you paid $8,000 you will get $2,000 each time she has a viable litter.  I class a viable litter to be one that has a least one (1) puppy that can be sold. 

You will be paid after the first puppy is sold. The money will first go towards paying out any debt still owing and then the rest to you.

How long will the dog be away from you?

If you have a female, the dog will come into season at some point.  You will need to contact us immediately.  We will need to send the dog to the vet to have a vet check and progesterone testing done. This would be over a maximum of three days, on the tenth day (or round about) of her cycle; we will need her to come to me to be served.    If you live close I can arrange to pick her up or alternatively, you may take the dog to a vet closer to you for progesterone testing, but this can be agreed upon by both parties closer to the time.

She will then come back to me about 7-10 days prior to her due date.  (Dogs gestation period is 63 days). We will need her to stay with her puppies for 3-4 weeks until the puppies have been weaned.  During this time, you are welcome to come and visit her.  After the puppies are 3 weeks old you will be welcome to visit and play with the puppies as well. 

If you have a male dog, then he is required on an ‘on need’ basis.  We will try to give you as much notice as possible.   A male dog may be used by me or at times by another breeder with my permission.  Under no circumstances is anyone, including you, allowed to use him.  All enquiries for male studs must come through me. 

How many litters will the female dog have?

The dog will have a maximum of 4 litters in its lifetime and that will generally be within a four year period.  If the dog does not pass her health tests, then we do not breed with her and she is de-sexed and the Guardian Breeding Program comes to an end.   We will never go against a vet’s recommendation.  If she passes all of her health tests, then at the right time for the dog and ourselves, we will start the breeding process.   We have sole discretion as to when and if we breed from her.  After she has finished her 1-4 litters she is de-sexed and the Guardian Breeding Program comes to an end and she’s yours forever.


You are responsible for:

  • Feeding the dog (a premium dog food suggested by the breeder)
  • Regularly worming and providing flea and tick prevention (suggested by the breeder)
  • Regularly grooming of the dog
  • Exercising the dog regularly
  • Making sure that it is in a secure, fenced area when she comes on heat.  Somewhere, where no male dog can get at her or where she can’t get out and roam. If you don’t have that then she needs to come to us.
  • Socializing the dog within the first 6 months of its life giving it lots of safe but new experiences.
  • Providing adequate care and love and attention
  • Having Pet Insurance to cover the dog.
  • Any vet bills that are not associated with breeding or whelping.
  • Getting the dog to us when we need her or making her available to be picked up.(by arrangement.)

We are responsible for

  • Paying for all expenses associated with breeding and whelping
  • All puppies and costs associated with them.
  • Feeding and worming whilst the dog is with us.
  • The cost of de-sexing at the end of her at the end of the Breeding Program.